14 Best Travel Adapters of 2022 for Reliable Charging on the Go

Traveling abroad requires serious planning and preparation to ensure everything goes smoothly. Of course, the right travel gear plays a huge role in optimizing the experience. A decent travel adapter will make the biggest difference when it comes to keeping your devices charged and ready to go.

International adapters allow travelers to use their electronic devices and charge in any electrical outlet by converting the shape and size of the pin plug. There are also converters, which convert the voltage of your electronics to avoid blowing a fuse in your hotel room or burning out your favorite electronics. Generally speaking, an adapter will keep your small appliances powered, and converters will be needed for high-powered tools like hair dryers and straighteners.

There are many different travel adapters out there, but choosing the right one for your specific travel needs and destination can be a bit tricky. Universal travel adapters, for example, will convert pin sizes in most countries around the world and may be worth the extra size and cost if you tend to travel regularly. Are you planning a one-off trip to France and Italy? You could do better with a smaller and more economical European specific adapter.

Here are some of our favorite travel adapters that will keep you plugged in no matter where your next travels take you.

$38.99 on Amazon

This versatile universal travel adapter will be your best bet for everything from charging your laptop to blow-drying your hair. The universal adapter and converter can be used with the included extension cord or removed and used as a wall outlet that will fit into tight spaces between your bed and the hotel bedside table. The set comes with worldwide use in over 150 countries – EU, US, UK and Australia – and the ability to charge up to seven devices simultaneously on its four USB ports and three AC outlets. While this is a terrific adapter for small electronics up to 220V, it’s not an option for higher power devices such as hair dryers.

$19.99 $14.99 on Amazon

Featuring two USB ports, a built-in LED power indicator, and safety fuse protection, this affordable universal travel adapter is one of the best budget options on this list. The compact adapter doesn’t convert voltages, however, but the fuse protection ensures it won’t harm your electronics. It comes with four international plug adapters that will work in over 150 countries at an affordable price.

$22.99 on Amazon

With nearly 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this all-in-one power adapter is a great option for travelers. It’s compact and delivers power to over 150 countries from a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Even better, you can charge many devices at once: it has four USB ports, a USB-C port and an AC outlet. Note that this is not a voltage converter, so it is best used with smaller electronic devices like phones, tablets, and cameras.

$19.99 on Amazon

Travel adapters have a reputation for being slightly clunky and unattractive, but the Dandelion Adapter is anything but. This universal adapter has been designed to work in over 150 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and UK, and it comes with a compact zipped pouch to keep all the parts in an organized place in your backpack or suitcase. It has two USB ports and an AC outlet for worldwide use. Note however that this is not a converter and will not convert voltage for higher energy electronics like hair dryers and straighteners.

$29 at Apple

Looking for something that won’t damage your expensive Apple products? The Apple World Travel Adapter Kit is a must-have for those who subscribe exclusively to Apple. The kit includes accessories and converters that will work throughout North America, Japan, China, UK, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong and Brazil and features the Iconic all-white Apple aesthetic that will match the rest of your devices. Perfectly.

$29.99 on Amazon

This budget-friendly universal travel adapter is a great no-frills option for travelers looking for something that will cover cell phone or tablet charging around the world. The compact device includes two USB outlets for super easy charging, but it doesn’t convert voltage, so you’ll have to be careful using more powerful electronics.

$42.99 on Amazon

This universal travel adapter was designed for digital nomads and those taking work vacations. The compact design fits easily into a travel backpack or carry-on, but the best part is the built-in USB ports and extension cord that let you easily plug in a laptop or tablet on the other side of the room. It comes with five different plugs – UK, EU, US, Australia and India. If you plan to use high energy products (up to a certain limit), this is a good choice, because it is a power converter, not just an adapter.

$21.99 $20.87 on Amazon

The Targus World Power Travel Adapter is ultra-compact and ideal for those traveling with limited luggage space. The universal adapter snaps on itself to become just over the size of a pepper mill. The adapter can also be taken apart so you can select the socket shape you need and leave the ones you won’t have at home.

$17.99 on Amazon

The Saunorch Travel Adapter is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to take any chances when it comes to damaging their electrical devices. The economical universal adapter includes a self-shutoff recovery fuse that will automatically disconnect if you are in danger of shorting the system. It comes with four retractable plugs – US, UK, EU and Australia – which cover over 150 countries.

$38.98 on Amazon

Families looking for a single converter to suit the whole gang should look no further than this. This multi-use adapter can hold up to four smartphones at a time and also includes two standard outlets for charging or using larger electrical devices like laptops or styling products like straighteners or curling irons. However, do not use appliances that produce more than 230 watts with this device, such as hair dryers.

$19.29 on Amazon

This simple international travel adapter features a classic design: the one-piece design is compact and easy to put in carry-on while the plastic side toggles allow travelers to choose the plug depending on the country you are heading to. In fact, it offers adaptation in over 160 countries, with dedicated toggles for the US, UK, EU, and Australia. The little device also has built-in surge protection to prevent blowing a fuse or damaging electronics. Note, however, that it does not offer power conversion for high-energy devices. It also comes in four different colors: black, blue, green or white.

$46.99 $41.98 on Amazon

This premium voltage converter may be slightly more expensive than the other options on the list, but it’s worth it for travelers looking for a reliable converter that can handle most electronic devices. The international converter can handle everything from hair straighteners and CPAP machines to gaming devices and photography gear without running the risk of blowing a fuse. However, this is still not a good option for hair dryers or other appliances over 230 watts. Even better, you can charge six devices simultaneously on the four USB outlets and two AC outlets.

$25.99 $20.99 on Amazon

The SublimeWare Power Plug Adapter was designed for the traveler with lots of small electronics. The universal adapter has a total of four USB charging ports that will fit everything from tablets and phones to Bluetooth speakers and smartwatches. Note, however, that this device is not a power converter, so it is best used with smaller electronic devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras.

$29.99 at Best Buy

The Insignia Travel Adapter and Converter is your best bet if you’re looking for reliability and convenience. The universal adapter and converter works in most countries around the world, converts voltage to a limit, and comes with a handy carry pouch to ensure no parts get lost in transit.

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