Digital nomad visa in Italy: when will it be available and who can apply, according to an expert

Italy is one of the world’s favorite vacation destinations. But now, with millions of people no longer stuck in the office, Italy is becoming a hotspot for digital nomads – those who work outside their home country and change location frequently.

Until now, digital nomads had no way to legally work in Italy long term.

But good news came earlier this year when a new visa for remote workers was approved. It was signed into Italian law on March 28.

Since then, many of our readers have been asking for more details on how the visa works and when it will be available.

So we spoke to global mobility expert Damien O’Farrell, who helps people in Italy for 30 years, to get answers.

Who can apply for an Italian digital nomad visa?

Digital nomad visas are generally designed to benefit all remote workers. But the Italian visa differs in that “it is managed under article 27 of the immigration code, which means that it is aimed at highly qualified workers”, explains Damien.

While it’s unclear so far who qualifies as a “highly skilled worker,” it could be as strict as requiring applicants to have a master’s degree, according to Damien.

How many Italian digital nomad visas will be available each year?

It appears that there will be no limit to the number of permits issued each year – as is the case with other types of visas under Italy’s ‘decreto flussi’ (foreign worker quota).

How long will Italian digital nomad visas last?

Five Star Movement MP Luca Carabetta – an advocate of the digital nomad visa – said it will last for a year initially and can be extended to immediate family members.

What type of job and how much income will be needed for the Italian digital nomad visa?

Applicants will need to be able to demonstrate that they have been doing their job for a long time.

It is likely that the digital nomad visa will also involve a minimum income requirement, although the amount is not yet known.

Any other requirements for the Italian digital nomad visa?

Those wishing to apply for the digital nomad visa must have health insurance, “adequate” accommodation and a clean criminal record, according to Carabetta.

Another key difference is that applicants must be tax compliant in Italy before applying for the visa.

The bottom line? Based on the information made public so far, you will need to complete a long list of requirements to obtain one of the Italian digital nomad visas.

Damien’s advice is to speak to an Italian tax expert before applying in order to understand what tax you will have to pay and the associated documents.

When will the Italian Visa for Digital Nomads be available?

Unfortunately, this is still unclear.

“No visa is available in Italy until an official decree has been issued. And in this case, it has not been issued.

“When it will be published – only the Lord knows,” says Damien.

Italian bureaucracy is notorious for being slow and difficult to navigate. So it could be next month or it could be six more.

Current visas for remote workers in Italy

If you’re desperate to move to Italy and can’t wait for the launch of the Digital Nomad Visa, there are already visas available that might be suitable, depending on your situation. All the details about it are available here.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Italian visa for digital nomads.

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