Invest Islands helps digital nomads swap the city for a new luxury lifestyle in Lombok

As thousands of urban professionals choose to move abroad, spectacular residencies and preferential visas offer a unique opportunity to start a new, sustainable life in paradise.

Lombok, Indonesia – The myriad challenges of recent years have motivated many urban professionals to leave Hong Kong and start new lives and careers overseas. After nearly six decades of continuous growth, the population of “Asia’s World City” has fallen by 116,000 in 2020 and 2021, and the exodus is expected to continue in 2022. But while many Hong Kongers are drawn to the West , an exotic Asian destination has the potential to attract a new generation of digital nomads.


Lombok, the idyllic indonesian island, deploys the welcome mat for expatriates. With its lush green interiors, heavenly beaches, sparkling seas and clean air, it’s no surprise that many city dwellers are tempted to leave their compact apartments for a spacious and luxurious pool villa in Lombok. A few years ago, this type of relocation would have seemed impossible. But in the post-pandemic era, with changing mindsets and technological advancements, that vision is becoming a reality for many forward-thinking leaders and entrepreneurs.


To make Lombok even more alluring, the Indonesian government recently announced a new tax-free five-year visa, already dubbed the “digital nomad visa” and should be popular among young footless citizens of the world. Alternatively, another innovative visa system has been created for owners of second homes³, including retirees, attracted by the wonders of Indonesia.


Invest Islands, Lombok’s leading real estate investment company, now invites professionals to live, work and relax in their own villa or residence with swimming pool, surrounded by nature and supported by international amenities and the latest technology. With a choice of high-end, eco-friendly projects in South Lombok, including branded five-star resorts and bespoke residences, all within a 30-minute drive of Lombok International Airport , Invest Islands can help Hong Kongers achieve their dreams of a fresh start away from the city.

Nestled at Torok Bay on the south coast of the island, Gran Melia Lombok is a one-of-a-kind luxury retreat that features 110 pool villas, including beachfront duplexes and one- to three-bedroom hillside sanctuaries, designed in a variety of dramatic architectural styles. Each villa is a masterpiece of high-end, low-impact design that combines high-end interiors, panoramic windows, pool decks, and uninterrupted views of the hills or ocean. Now on sale and slated to open in 2025, this spectacular project has already been named “Best hotel development” to Real estate prices in Asia-Pacific.

For those looking for a complete physical and spiritual reset, Mandala Eco-Village is a perched heavenly estate that combines sustainability and modernity. Located on top of a hill, surrounded by rice paddies and offering panoramic views of Mount Rinjani and the ocean, this eco-sensitive community includes 88 residential units, leisure facilities, shops, an international school and various permaculture projects for promote healthy and respectful lifestyles. With clean energy solutions and cultural integrity, Mandala helps build a better future for its people, local people and the planet.

For a truly bespoke investment experience, Invest Islands allows homeowners to choose their perfect plot and work with leading architects and designers to create a new paradise home that meets their own high standards and bespoke requirements, with options for a wide range of budgets. .

“The world is changing and it’s no surprise that many Hong Kongers are tempted by the wonders of Lombok. The possibility of exchanging a small urban apartment for a large luxurious villa with a swimming pool and replacing congested streets with clear, unpolluted skies is extremely attractive. Today, with seamless connectivity and the rise of the “work from anywhere” culture, this vision of a better life can become a reality. Invest Islands invites all Hong Kongers to discover how an affordable investment can raise their standard of living and potentially improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our eco-friendly five-star villas and residences will help homeowners and their families find their own private paradise,” said Jack Brownco-founder of Invest Islands.

With offices in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia, Invest Islands offers personalized support and services for everyone, from experienced investors to those taking their first steps in land or real estate ownership. The company is also committed to improving the lives of people in the communities in which it operates, from funding village schools to reducing plastic waste, to eco-friendly building materials, encouraging the organic farming and more, so every investor can rest assured that they are making a positive impact.

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