McKinney: Visit the 7 Best ‘Victorian Charm’ Spots in McKinney, TX

Tourist Attractions – McKinney, Texas, USA

McKinney, Texas is the county seat and city of Collin County. It is the third largest municipality in Collin County, after Plano & Frisco. McKinney, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth is located 32 miles north of Dallas and less than 30 minutes from downtown Dallas.

However, its character and atmosphere are quite different. This historic city is one of the most livable in America. It has a unique identity and family businesses.

McKinney’s collection of 19th century buildings can be seen preserved. You can also stroll along charming Main Street, lined with independent shops. You can easily spend the entire trip shopping at local farmers markets, tasting local wines, or visiting local craft breweries.

Chestnut Square Historical Park

A few blocks from downtown McKinney, Chestnut Square takes you back to the early days of McKinney. The ten preserved buildings, dating from 1854 to 1930, will allow you to see how the townspeople lived and worked.

Chestnut Square-min Historic Park

There is a chapel here, as well as a school, boarding house, and general store. Volunteers who don historical costumes and demonstrate the skills that would be needed to survive McKinney’s 19th century enthusiastically help bring these buildings to life.

Tupps Brewery

The rural micro-brewery is rustic and has a cozy, aged atmosphere. Tupps is located in a former cotton mill. He has made good use of the farm’s facilities and buildings for live music events, which take place here several times a week. Bulky cable spools can be used as tables and old tractor seats as chairs.

Tupps Brewery
721 Anderson St, McKinney, TX 75069, USA

The music stage is located in a converted barn, while the brewery’s arcade machines provide additional entertainment. Tupps offers seven beer options, from a traditional Texas wheat beer to a fancy Halloween-themed pumpkin beer.

Collin County Museum and Historical Society

Collin County was named for Collin McKinney (an early settler, politician, and political leader in Texas), who in 1835 helped start the Texas Revolution, which saw Texas secede from Mexico for create the Republic of Texas.

Collin County Historical Society and Museum: Places to See in McKinney
300 E Virginia St, McKinney, TX 75069, USA

This museum features many exhibits that provide insight into the life, work, and times of the man. McKinney papers, a full-scale model of McKinney’s house, and Texas mint are all on display. In addition, a collection of photographs from the last years of McKinney’s life is also on display.

Franconian Brewery

Franconia started brewing beer at McKinney in 2008 when Dennis Wehrman, a German master brewer, arrived from Bavaria. Franconia is the result of his vast experience in beer making, which he used to create Franconia.

Franconian Brewery
495 McKinney Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75071, USA

You’ll learn about the process of making McKinney’s favorite local beers on a tour of the brewery. Franconian guides are knowledgeable and entertaining. The best part of the tour is the chance to taste Franconian beers at the end.

Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

The museum connects children with nature through a variety of outdoor and indoor exhibits. Children can touch and browse natural history collections, including fossils, shells and mammal skins. Kids can also explore gardens that preserve fragile ecosystems so future generations can enjoy Texas at its wildest.

Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary-min
1 Nature Pl, McKinney, TX 75069, USA

You will find beautiful butterfly gardens, native plants and well-designed bird gardens as you stroll along the paths. The snake exhibit is for you if you are brave enough to encounter non-poisonous snakes. It also teaches you how you can treat bites.

Towne Lake Recreation Area

This 108-acre park in a neighborhood is ideal for those who want to get out and stretch their legs. It wraps around a 22-acre lake and is serviced by a jetty. Pedal boats are also available. You will find people enjoying the sun and fishing from the pier all year round.

Towne Lake Recreation Area
1405 Wilson Creek Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75069, USA

Two picnic shelters are available in the park with electrical outlets. They are perfect for lazy summer days with your family. Guests can exercise on the tennis courts, throw horseshoes or simply stroll along the 2 km hiking trail.

Lewisville Lake

This water reservoir is located at the western end of McKinney. It offers a wonderful escape from the Texas heat. The indented shoreline of the lake stretches for 233 miles. It is popular for water skiing and fishing, boating, paddling and swimming.

Lewisville Lake

You can also enjoy its seafront, where you can relax on a beach or camp in campgrounds. Party Cove is the number one reason young people visit Lake Lewisville. Here you can rent a boat and have a great time on the water.

McKinney, TX FAQs

What is McKinney Texas famous for?

McKinney is a unique place where past and present coexist. This has been the discovery of travelers from all over the world. The cultural district of historic downtown McKinney is the first and most anticipated stop for visitors to this destination. It’s one of Texas’ most authentic and vibrant tourist spots.

Is McKinney a good place to live in Texas?

McKinney: You’re number one. Money magazine released its annual list of the best places to live in America this morning. McKinney is Collin County’s town of 149,000, and it’s a great choice for its charming downtown area and Victorian-era homes.

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