Nomad Digital partners with incremental solutions to provide end-to-end freight location tracking

Nomad Digital partners with incremental solutions on an innovation solution – TRACO (TRAnsition COnnectivity) providing end-to-end cargo location tracking

Nomad Digital recently partnered with Incremental Solutions on an Innovate UK First of a Kind (FOAK) project to develop and deliver a freight tracking solution, namely: TRACO.

TRACO (TRAnsition CONnectivity for Road and Rail Freight) is a freight location tracking solution that optimizes intermodal activity at transportation terminals, effectively connecting rail and road freight journeys.

Using Nomad’s robust road and rail connectivity solutions, TRACO offers high availability and high frequency GNSS positioning with equipment installed on rail and road vehicles respectively.

At freight depots, highly accurate, low-cost NimbeLink GNSS devices have been supplied by AirGain to track the transition of freight containers from road to rail, providing invaluable insight into potential downtime and bottlenecks. strangulation. These devices supplemented the on-board devices by preventing the containers from disappearing once removed from the respective road and rail vehicles.

Due to the typical practice of freight trains spending idle time in depots and sidings, they are often located in “blind spots” which are not visible on the layout. TRACO’s prototype solution was a first of its kind in the rail freight industry to track containers anywhere, in real time. This allows all actors in the logistics supply chain, at any stage, to know its progress, react to any delays or disruptions and predict the arrival of the train at its final destination.

Additionally, by further tracking freight through modal transitions such as road transport, complete end-to-end freight journeys can be tracked, creating full visibility and a more reliable, efficient and greener railroad.

Daniel Lee-Bursnall, CEO and founding partner of Incremental, said:

“The modal shift of freight transport from road to rail is something we are proud to support as it contributes to a more sustainable future. “TRACO” will give all parties in the supply chain access to critical and credible location data at all times. This will reduce paper-based systems and provide the tools to better plan, monitor and deliver goods to customers across the UK and we can’t wait to get started.

Mike Butler, Head of Innovation at Nomad Digital, added:

“Having different levels of equipment integrated into the overall TRACO solution, from low cost to rail quality, all carried over to the same platform is one of the things that made this project unique and provided extremely valuable data to help optimize freight distribution At a time when the transportation industry strongly demands innovation to find more efficient ways of working, a fully transparent freight tracking solution that uses robust connectivity can lead everyone to new new, smarter ways to work together.

For more information on the TRACO (TRAnsition COnnectivity for road and rail freight) solution, contact the Nomad Digital team at [email protected] or go to

Alternatively, if you are attending InnoTrans, you can meet the team in person at the Nomad Digital stand in hall 4.1, stand 260.

This article was originally published by Nomad Digital.

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