Sri Lanka Tourism to attract digital nomads

Sri Lanka was recently recognized as a destination for digital nomads, emerging second in the Club Med index of the best places and countries in the world to become a digital nomad.

Club Med has collected and evaluated data in line with the growing demand for nomadic lifestyles that allow travelers to escape to picturesque places where they can work remotely.

This recognition comes as Sri Lanka Tourism is charting a new path and offering another avenue to market the island to boost tourism.

Digital nomads are a growing segment within the tourism industry, people who choose to embrace a location and enjoy a tech-driven lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely, anywhere. in the world.

Sri Lanka Tourism President Ms. Kimarli Fernando said, “Sri Lanka is on the verge of being the perfect post-pandemic destination with its wide open spaces and nature-based attractions. After enduring prolonged blockages and travel restrictions, people embrace the concept of “work from anywhere” with the requirements being scenic surroundings, cultural experiences, adventure and good wifi. Sri Lanka Tourism is working to secure the framework to support the expansion of this market and is exploring the possibility of long term visas for digital nomads, which is essential to secure this segment.

“Sri Lanka has been ranked so high because of its relatively low cost of living, average temperatures of 30 ° C as well as plenty of activities and landmarks for visitors, and a beautiful backdrop of verdant mountains, coral reefs and powdery sand, which combine to provide a great remote working experience, ”Club Med noted, giving Sri Lanka a 238 out of 320 score.

This emerging segment of digital nomads travel independently, using information researched online through organic sources. The free and independent nature of their travels, combined with their long stays in a destination, makes this segment a lucrative market to tap into. Digital nomadism is the working and travel lifestyle that many digital nomads aspire to, allowing them to explore exciting destinations while working remotely, a way of life that is increasingly becoming the ‘new normal. “.

The positive impact this segment of long-term independent travelers will have on industry players is enormous. With the multitude of immersive experiences that the destination offers, the SME segment will also experience growth in providing support services and organized experiences to this emerging high-performance market, Fernando said.

Digital nomads not being sensitive to seasonal travel is also an added benefit to boost off-season tourism thanks to the digital content generated by this segment pushing promotions for tourism in Sri Lanka organically.

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