The 7 best destinations in Mexico for digital nomads

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For those chasing the digital nomad dream, it can be difficult to know where to start. According to the thousands of teleworkers who have emigrated this year, Mexico may just be the answer. Accepting tourists from all over the world, Mexico offers a 180-day tourist visa and a digital nomadic visa. Living expenses are relatively inexpensive, ranging from a modest $ 500 / month for those on a budget to $ 1,200 / month for those who want to live a life of luxury. If you’re looking for an affordable temporary home with amazing food and breathtaking sights, try one of these magical Mexican places.

Playa del carmen

Just north of the bohemian town of Tulum, you can find the popular Playa del Carmen. With a faster internet connection and cheaper apartments than its southern counterpart, this city is a great choice. Adventure seekers and nature lovers alike can enjoy the surrounding cenotes, soak up the sun on the beach, or take a whale shark excursion. For accommodation, try to stick to the center where you can easily find the beach, local bars and restaurants within a ten minute walk.

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Playa Del Carmen Beach


Across the Yucatan, the peaceful sleepy town of Mérida offers a quiet escape from the crazed crowds of tourists. The beautiful, historic city has been named one of the safest places in Mexico and the cost of living is almost half that of the capital. The city is well known for its scorching summers, so it’s best not to engage unless you’re ready for a big heat.

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Merida mexico - inexpensive destination for canadian travelers


One of many in Mexico UNESCO A World Heritage Site, the city of Oaxaca is surrounded by sumptuous mezcal farms and mountains. This area produces coffee beans and almost every corner has a shop offering fresh local coffee. Oaxaca is also known for having the best and most diverse food in the country. As in all Mexican cities, the downtown area is much more expensive than the surrounding areas but also has more reliable internet service. Some neighborhoods have finicky wi-fi, so be sure to check before you move in or prepare to spend your day working in the cafe or coworking space.

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If you are looking for the hustle and bustle of the big city, you’ll feel right at home in the capital, Mexico City. Although you have to fight traffic and pollution, the endless possibility of having fun more than makes up for it. The city is surrounded by amazing sites like the Teotihuacan ancient pyramids, the Aztec canals of Xochimilco, and Templo Mayor, the main Aztec temple. Although the cost of living is higher here, you can enjoy all the benefits of modern city living, such as reliable public transport, high-speed internet connection, and interesting museums. For getting in touch with other expats, the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods are the most popular places to stay.

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Mexico City Center at Dusk


If the capital is too much for you but still want the vibe of the big city, try Guadalajara. It offers a range of museums, sites, and nightlife to match Mexico City, but without the stressful traffic. The town is a short drive from the tourist paradise of Puerto Vallarta and is surrounded by beautiful nature like Lake Chapala and Ajijic, and the circular pyramids of Guachimontones. Not to mention that the City Council maintains a list of nineteen free WIFI areas scattered around the city to facilitate remote work.

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Nature lovers will love Puebla for the great hiking and rock climbing in the surrounding area Malinche National Park. Puebla offers cheap prices compared to most major cities in the country and offers affordable accommodation in the peaceful area of ​​La Paz. The relaxed vibes keep you focused and working in one of the many cafes or coworking spaces. During your break, take the time to see the largest pyramid in the world – Pyramid of Cholula in the nearby small town of San Andreas Cholula.

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San Cristóbal de las Casas

If you need to beat the heat, try heading to San Cristobal de las Casas in the highlands of Chiapas. The region remains at a constant “spring” temperature all year round, relieving the Mexican summer heat. Although the paved roads are not suitable for cycling, the downtown area is easy to navigate on foot and taxis are much cheaper there than in other places in Mexico. The city is very cheap but wi-fi can be spotty so be sure to invest in a Mexican SIM card in case you need an emergency hotspot to get your work done on time.

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