Top 10 Beach Destinations for Digital Nomads

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Remote work allows travelers to experience their work experience at their best! Most workers with the ability to do their jobs from anywhere in the world choose beach destinations.

The ability to complete missions and later swim or watch the sunset in the ocean adds valuable quality of life and experiences for digital nomads. Remote, a global human resources company, recently shared a study presenting the best beaches in the world to work remotely.

Remote specialists considered the best locations for a healthy work-life balance that would motivate and excite remote employees. The study took into account these main aspects:

  • Population.
  • Average internet speed.
  • Average hours of sunshine per day.
  • Visa requirement.
  • Entertainment options.
  • Cost of life.
  • Average cost of rent.
  • Crime rate.

Experts have looked at the basic lifestyles and needs of digital nomads and come up with a wonderful list of options spanning from Asia to Africa to the Caribbean.

Airbnb has already leaked the most popular cities for digital nomads in the United States, but for those who want to explore further, here is the list of Top 10 beach destinations according to this study:

Brades, Montserrat

Montserrat, the beautiful Caribbean island offers remote workers a prime location in the capital. Digital nomads can rent accommodation for around $308 per month in Brades. This city has a low crime rate and visitors have the option of staying up to six months without a visa in this relaxing city.

The Valley, Anguilla

The capital of the Caribbean island, Anguilla, offers travelers a unique city with famous colonial buildings and magnificent panoramic coastal views as well as great outdoor activities.

Zadar, Croatia

Croatia, the most popular destination in Europe at the moment, is home to a fascinating city on the Dalmatian coast: Zadar. Digital nomads can enjoy quiet beaches and explore its Roman and Venetian ruins for up to 90 days without a visa.

Lagos, Portugal

This city in southern Portugal allows teleworkers to use high-speed internet and enjoy unique experiences that can only be found here. From tasting local wines to watching dolphins to visiting natural sea caves, there is so much that visitors can do.

Taghazout, Morocco

This fishing village can be hard to pronounce but so easy going. Monthly rents average $150 and the monthly cost of living is around $390. It’s also great for remote workers who enjoy surfing, visiting charming cafes, and admiring local arts and crafts.

St. George’s, Bermuda

Blazing fast internet and spectacular beaches will make any remote worker feel like heaven in this Bermuda city. But nothing is perfect, the monthly cost of living averages $1,847.

Goa, India

For those who like to visit exotic and multicultural destinations, this state of India offers a wonderful Portuguese and Indian cultural mix, a heavenly beach and the lowest monthly cost of living including rent: $306.

Flic en Flac, Mauritius

Tourist woman with a sun hat looking happy on a beach in the Mexican Caribbean, Mexico

Not too far from Madagascar, Mauritius offers teleworkers a wonderful coastal destination: Flic en Flac. This place has a wonderful white sand public beach, no visa requirements for 90 days and a decent internet connection. Digital nomads can live there for $630 per month.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Another fascinating capital, Bridgetown, the birthplace of Rihanna, offers the best service to digital nomads. Fast 60.25 Mbps internet connection, up to a six month visa-free stay and spectacular beaches. Remote workers can really enjoy their stay, discover the historic city and swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

North, Aruba

Noord allows visitors to stay for 30 days without a visa, but digital nomads can apply for an extension to enjoy this stunning seaside destination for 180 days. The cost of living for one person is not that low, around $950 per month. Travelers can also stay in low-rise or high-rise hotels and visit the spectacular Eagle Beach and Arashi Beach.

Pristine beach in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

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