Wilson: 7 Best Places to Visit in Wilson, NC

Tourist Attractions – Places to Visit in Wilson, NC

The small town of Wilson, North Carolina is home to a thriving photography scene. The city annually hosts the largest photography festival in the state and is home to a world-renowned photo gallery. The gallery regularly hosts new exhibitions and is open from Wednesday to Saturday.

Wilson has a diverse cultural scene, from galleries and museums to community arts programs. The city’s Imagination Station museum and Whirligig Park provide artistic and educational opportunities for the entire community.

The town is home to several industries and a thriving farmer’s market. Wilson is a great place to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. The Farmers Market has partnered with local producers since 1965, ensuring a steady supply of high quality produce and produce.

Barton College #1

Located in Wilson, North Carolina, Barton College is a private, four-year liberal arts college. Founded in 1902 by the Christian Church, Barton College continues to celebrate its rich heritage.

The college is located approximately seven miles from Interstate 95, which connects New York with Florida. The city is served by Amtrak and a bus company, while Raleigh-Durham International Airport offers commercial airline service.

Places to visit in Wilson
400 Atlantic Christian College Dr NE, Wilson, NC 27893, USA

Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in over 40 different majors. The college has a growing reputation and a welcoming atmosphere. There are many student organizations and campus activities in the area, including sports and events.

Wilson Botanical Gardens #2

The Wilson Botanical Gardens in North Carolina offer a variety of experiences. Visitors can take an educational tour of the garden and enjoy the children’s secret garden. The gardens also feature interesting water features.

The Botanical Garden is an ideal place to spend a day with the family. With its beautiful gardens, it’s a great way to appreciate nature. Baseball fans will also appreciate the North Carolina Baseball Museum, which is staffed by volunteers.

1806 Goldsboro St S, Wilson, NC 27893, USA

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of live music on the lawn. There are also walking tours and a library. The city is also home to internationally renowned folk artist Vollis Simpson, whose Whirligig Park features over thirty of his original sculptures.

Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park #3

If you love wind power, Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson is worth a visit. This unique park features many creative wind-powered sculptures. The park also hosts farmers markets and concerts.

In addition to the 30 whirlpools, the park also includes a stage for concerts, a large lawn and an ode to the local pond. A large pavilion houses park benches and other amenities.

301 Goldsboro St S, Wilson, NC 27893, USA

Although the whirlpools are a unique attraction, they require regular maintenance to keep them in working order. They are often made from scrap metal and have a number of moving parts.

Freeman Round House #4

The Freeman Round House Museum is a small venue that features a variety of African American artifacts. Its purpose is to educate the public about black history in North Carolina.

The Oliver Nestus Freeman Round House Museum opened in 2001. It is a cultural destination in Wilson, North Carolina. This is a great place to learn about African American life and the history of Wilson, North Carolina. You’ll also have the chance to see examples of Freeman’s artwork.

1202 Hines St SE, Wilson, NC 27893, USA

The Freeman Round House Museum is open to the public and follows COVID-19 guidelines. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Marty’s BBQ #5

Located in Wilson, North Carolina, Marty’s BBQ specializes in eastern North Carolina barbecue and fried chicken. Their menu also includes traditional southern sides. The restaurant has been in business for over 30 years and is known for its authentic barbecue.

The restaurant is family owned and operated. The restaurant specializes in fried chicken and barbecue from the Oost-Noord area of ​​North Carolina.

2643 Ward Blvd, Wilson, North Carolina 27893, United States

In addition to fried chicken and barbecue, Marty’s also serves zuidelijke dishes. Owner Lawrence Ellis has been in the barbecue business for 40 years and has earned a reputation for making the best barbecue around.

Wilson Rose Garden #6

If you’re a rose lover, the Wilson Rose Garden in Wilson, NC is a must-see attraction. This award-winning public garden contains over a thousand individual rose bushes of over 180 different species.

Visitors can enjoy 180 varieties of roses in this beautiful garden, complete with stone sculptures, tunnel walkways and fountains. This picturesque garden is also a popular wedding venue.

1800 Herring Ave E, Wilson, North Carolina 27893, USA

The rose garden is open to the public Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The garden is free and open to the public. Restrooms are located on the property. Pets are welcome but not allowed.

Boone’s Antiques #7

Boone Wilson North Carolina Antiques is owned by Edgar Boone. He opened the store in 1961 and purchased 53 shipping containers filled with antique furniture and art. Since then, Boone’s has grown and its reputation as a premier antiques store has become well known.

It operates like an antique store and has a Google rating of 3.9 stars. This company accepts credit cards and debit cards. It is part of the NC area and has been in business for 65 years.

2014 US-301, Wilson, North Carolina 27893, USA

The antique store houses over four acres of inventory. Boone considers his collection of treasures to be the best in the United States. You can find a wide variety of antique furniture and intricately decorated artwork.

FAQs: Wilsont, North Carolina

Why is Wilson NC famous?

His town is located in Wilson County, North Carolina. It is the county seat and is about 40 miles east of Raleigh. The city is accessible via Interstate 95 and US Route 264.

Is Wilson North Carolina a good place to live?

The city is home to over a thousand different varieties of beer and over 100 varieties of wine. You can enjoy an evening of craft beer or wine at one of the many local bars.

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